Stranger Things 4: Erica gets more Screen Time.

The fourth season of Stranger Things is on the way to follow up on the ending that saw the main cast split up, one character possibly dead, and Hawkins likely to be devoid of strange things. Recent developments confirmed that Hopper isn’t dead after all, and concerns or even expectations that most of the season will be set elsewhere than Hawkins thanks to the departure of the Byers family. Priah Ferguson will be back as Erica, and fans can expect a lot of her.

Priah Ferguson has been promoted to series regular status for Stranger Things Season 4, according to Variety, which follows her bump to recurring for Season 3 after making an impression as Erica Sinclair as guest star in Season 2. You can’t spell “America” without Erica, and you apparently can’t have Season 4 without plenty of Priah Ferguson!

Given that Erica isn’t likely to be traveling to Russia or joining the extended Byers family (which now includes Eleven), we can probably take news of more Priah Ferguson as confirmation that strange things will still be afoot in Hawkins with all the characters who were left behind. A decent chunk of the season is still likely to take place in Russia with Hopper, especially if my theory about his origin story is correct, and there’s still no sign of what the Byers and El will be up to, but some of Season 4 will almost certainly be set in Hawkins!

This is good news for fans of the dynamic between the kids, even if El and Will won’t necessarily be part of the group. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Max are still in Hawkins, as are probably Steve, Nancy, and Robin. More Erica has to mean more Hawkins, right? If that’s the case, I’m wondering if Hawkins Lab will reopen somehow. It would be a stretch for another portal to the Upside Down to open in Hawkins, Indiana, but the Hawkins characters have to be involved in the plot. Whatever happens, hopefully Erica will be teamed up with Steve, Dustin, and/or Robin again.

If Dustin and Steve could become pals after their time in Season 2, why can’t Erica be friends with those three after Season 3? Other than the age difference, of course, but is Erica all that much younger than the boys were in Season 1 at this point? The questions are all but endless at this point, and fans unfortunately can’t count on answers any time too soon.

The only footage officially released of Season 4 just showed Hopper, although it was enough to raise a whole lot of discussion. Not even a premiere date has been announced. That said, Season 4 is expected in 2020, possibly timed to a holiday, and one star is already excited about the scripts.

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